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      Xplore.Health is a Healthcare Technology company focused on Smart Healthcare Devices and Cloud Services.


      HealthTech Focussed team, working towards revolutionizing Healthcare Delivery System in India.


      It’s an audacious, incredibly rewarding mission that our increasingly diverse team is dedicated to achieving.

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Connected Healthcare Technology.

The Watch

Medically Approved Smart Watch for Remote Patient monitoring

The New Clinically validated and Approved for Medical use, Patient Monitoring System with a CE mark MDR (Medical Device Regulation)

The Wristband

CardiacSense’s wristband is specially desgined for in-hospital use.

The CardiacSense wristband monitors vitals such as blood pressure, respiratory rate, temperature and oxygen saturation (Sp02), and sends alerts straight to the nurses’ station.


Stay a Breath Ahead

Airofit is the world’s first truly smart breathing training device. Airofit personalized Breathing training programs increases vital lung capacity and respiratory muscle strength.


Stay a breath ahead

Smart breathing trainer for critical medical conditions.


The energy of Clean forest air: Stock up on health and well being

An innovative technology resulting from 18 years of research and development by German physicians, researchers, scientists, and engineers from Airnergy International GmbH.

Health Kiosk

Airofit has confirmed what we have known for hundreds of years. Breathing training has never been a part of our everyday lives – until now.

Remote Patient Monitoring(RPM)


Advanced critical aid system that empowers anyone to provide medical emergency care