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Next Generation Medical Grade Watch For Continuous Long Term Vital Signs Monitoring

The New Clinically validated and Approved for Medical use, Patient Monitoring System with a CE mark MDR (Medical Device Regulation)

Although CardiacSense looks like a wristwatch, it is a very advanced all-in-one device that continuously records the patient’s vital values. The high-tech medical grade device can also be used for prevention.



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Product Launch


Product Launch


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Product Launch


Numerous benefits for doctors and patients

For Doctors

For Patients

Upcoming Features

The Watch has more in store with host of upcoming Features being released as Automatic Software Upgrade

Blood Pressure (BP)

CardiacSense measures blood pressure without a cuff when two fingers are placed on the sensors on the bezel.

COPD deterioration detection

Chronic COPD Patients will have ease of monitoring their conditions at their comfort zone through Respiratory Rate, Sp02 readings & Heart Rate monitoring with CardiacSense. User will get notification of event on watch as well as in Mobile App.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea can contribute to atrial fibrillation & other chronic conditions. The CardiacSense can monitor SpO2, vital parameter and sleep apnea to give a complete picture of a person’s sleep apnea status to the physician. Once in a month user receives Sleep Apnea report in their mail.

More Cardiac

Future version of watch can detect Cardiac arrhythmias such as Bradycardia, Tachycardia, Premature ventricular contractions (PVCs), Pauses and Prolonged QT time.

Stress Level

From the Continuous measurement of Respiratory rate with same accuracy of Capnograph (Gold Standard) CardiacSense calculates HRV (Heart Rate Variability) and able to monitor Stress Level.

Chronic Heart Failure (CHF) deterioration detection

Continuous Monitoring of Heart rate, SpO2 and other vital parameters, Real time detection of Arrhythmia with CardiacSense Medical Watch will be an aid to detect deterioration in Chronic Heart Failure Patients.


CardiacSense can easily and accurately measure core temperature. Lightly pressing the built-in temperature sensor in the watch bezel against the forehead measures the body’s core temperature.

Continuous Recording
of Vitals

CardiacSense monitors user’s vitals continuously and record it on Patient and Physician portal. Physician and Family members have live access of user’s vital parameters.

How does the
Watch work?

CardiacSense looks like a wristwatch and is worn by the users. CardiacSense watch connect to mobile phone (IOS and Android) via Bluetooth. The smart system measures 24/7 and regularly connects to a connected smartphone or hub. This then shares all data with a secure platform that is accessible via an equally secure internet connection.

Weather Proof

All measurements will be uploaded to cloud file and once a month a detailed report of patients’ conditions will be sent to them over the mail. Additionally, all information can be accessed at any time through our portal by patient or the people provided permission.

Patient can run/jog, bath with the CardiacSense watch as CardiacSense received IP 67 certificate which makes it dust proof and water proof.

Smart, Wearable Watch that helps
save lives.

CardiacSense has developed new Technologically advanced Optomechanical Sensors and Patented Algorithms, that make it potentially the only Watch in the world to achieve accuracies that are at par with Gold Standard Technologies like ECG, Capnograph, Holter Monitors and also Arterial Line Blood Pressure measurement system.

This makes CardiacSense a truly reliable Continuous & Ambulatory patient Monitoring solution.

User can access all the vital signs and Medical Report through Phone App

Real Time View of Vital signs, live streaming of ECG, Notification of Medical condition on App Dashboard. Create & Share ad -hoc Event Report by one click to doctor for immediate intervention.

User can access all the vital signs and Medical Report through Web App

Stream real-time data, continues recording of all vitas sign, store and share measurements history, and health analytical reports. Medical history shared with Physician/Family Members.

Doctors can access all patients all vital signs and medical reports through doctors web portal

View Patients’ real-time ECG, vital signs, past ECG recordings, supporting medical data required for comprehensive decision making and medical intervention.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can the watch detect?

The watch can continuously detect Atrial Fibrillation, in the future additional heart arrhythmia such as Tachycardia, Bradycardia, PVCs. PACs, Long QTs, Pause, and Cardiac Arrest detection will be added.

What can the watch monitor?

The watch can monitor Heart Rate in medical accuracy, additional vital signs such as continuous Respiratory Rate, Oxygen Saturation, Core Temperature, and Absolute blood pressure will be added in the near future.

Is it continuous monitoring or spot check?

This is 24/7 continous monitoring and the ONLY TIME that the patient will not be monitored is when the watch is charged.

Does the watch require an internet connection?

No, the watch connects via Bluetooth to the patient’s mobile phone.

What is the watch's accuracy?

The watch is accurate as any ECG based device that the physician will prescribe to you when he/she would like long term monitoring.

Is it FDA and CE approved?

The watch has CE Mark. FDA is expected by Q4 2022

Can my physician access monitoring results?

Absolutely, your physician will get a real-time notification once the watch detects a problem. On top of that, the physician has access to all the raw data that is stored in the cloud application.

How long between charges?

The time between charges is 4 days and the charging time is 2 hours.

Can I swim with the watch?

Absolutely, the watch has an IP68 standard (up to a depth of 5feet).

Can I run/jog with the watch?

Yes, of course.

Can I access my measurements history?

Yes, all measurements will be uploaded to your cloud file and once a month a detailed report of your conditions will be sent to you over the mail. Additionally all your info can be accessed at any time through our portal by you or the people you provided permission (such as your physician etc.)

Monthly Reports

Pre-order Now. Available now in India.

Event Reports

Pre-order Now. Available now in India.


Pre-order Now. Available now in India.